Five Must-Pack Summer Holiday Essentials

When travelling abroad on our summer holidays, we often pack far too much – clothes, shoes, toiletries, a whole host of things that we could more than likely do without. Not only is all this baggage unnecessary but it could also mean getting caught out at check-in and having to pay extra for a heavy suitcase. But what essentials can you do without? And what can you leave behind or if need be, buy when you get there? Well here are some handy tips and top essentials to consider when packing your bag.

1. A first aid kit – It’s always a good idea to carry a basic first aid kit with such things as plasters, a dressing, antiseptic cream, paracetamol and insect repellent. There’s certainly no need to take every bottle of medicine in your medicine cabinet, if you do take poorly and need medicine abroad, there are plenty of chemists and convenience stores.

2. A beach towel not a beach ball! – You are sure to need a beach towel on holiday but it’s NOT essential to take a load of beach equipment like a parasol, buckets and spades, lilos etc. You can normally pick these things up near the beach reasonably cheap and they will take up lots of room in your suitcase. Often holidaymakers returning home will leave their beach balls at the hotel or pass them on for others to enjoy, maybe you could do the same?

3. Two pairs of shoes per person – It’s amazing the amount of people who take 5 to 10 pairs of shoes abroad and yes, ladies are the worst for it! From flip-flops to wedges, strappy heels to pink stilettos; if you’re going away for the week do you really need all those shoes? A pair of sandals for daytime and perhaps a dressier shoe for evening will do just fine.

4. Wet wipes – They come useful especially when travelling with children, to mop up a whole host of spills and mucky faces! Pop a packet in to your hand luggage and never be without them in a restaurant.

5. Smart phone – Most of us have them and they really are space saving, handy little inventions, perfect for our holidays. They can act as our communication to the rest of the world (most hotels abroad have wi-fi hotspots) as well as being our camera, video camera and of course a phone too – all in one.

What’s your top summer holiday travel tip?

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