6 Reasons to Visit Denmark at St Katharine’s Dock

Visit Denmark's ImagiNATION event at St Katharine's dock in London, UK

Exploring many of the countries Olympic houses has been an eye-opening experience into the culture within another country. This is none more true than down at St Katharine’s Docks where the Danish house is located. But it’s not just a house, they’ve taken over the whole square showcasing some true Danish Olympics spirit.

Did you know that LEGO is Danish - Olympic stadium made of Lego

1. Kids young and old love LEGO

Did you know that LEGO was Danish? I didn’t until I saw the display which they’ve put together specially for the event. Two people spend hours creating a replica of Olympic Park and surrounds, including super cute tiny spectators. Whilst at St Katharine’s be sure to check out the wind turbine made entirely of LEGO – the only one in the world!

bacon from the Danish Crown bacon cruise on the Thames for Visit Denmark

2. Danish Crown bacon

Do you like bacon? Perhaps sausage if more your thing? Or maybe you like pork any way you can get it. Well a stop by the Danish Crown stalls might be in your best interest as they hand out free tasters all day! Now which type to try first…

Danish brand Pandora is at the ImagiNATION event at St Katharines Dock

3. Ladies love Pandora (hint hint men!)

The world-wide phenomenon that is Pandora bracelets are in fact Danish and with the Diamond Jubilee happening and the Olympics and Paralympics on don’t you think it’s time to spoil yourself to just one more charm? Since 2012 is such a special year in Britain they have released a number of British themed charms including double decker buses, mini Elizabeth Towers, English roses and Merano glass beads in the red, white and blue.

Danish summer house on show at VisitDenmark's ImagiNATION

4. Denmark by Design

Danish design is renown to be some of the best in the world. With its simple sleek design made of natural timbers and encompassing a lot of light. Come step inside the Danish houseboat, which has a strong emphasis on sustainability, or see what a Danish holiday cottage looks like before you travel to Denmark on holidays.
If architecture and furniture aren’t quite your suit the ultra sophisticated Danish Olympic team uniforms are also on display at St Katharine’s.

Viking fighting is just one of the options of things for the kids to do at St Katharines dock

5. There be Vikings!

Kids both young and old will delight when they see that the Vikings have arrived in London bringing their traditional ways, boats, food and even a Viking ship. Spend the day listening to traditional music performances or learning how to fight like a viking, or maybe just set on board their long-boat ready to set sail back to Denmark!

Big screens to watch all the Team Denmark matches at St Katharines Dock

6. Danish spirit and big screens

In the center of it all is a giant screen streaming the Olympics and plenty of room to sit or stand and watch the Danish team take on the world. Sit down, relax, bring some beer and don’t forget to wear your red and white. You might even see a medalist hanging around if you’re lucky!

Hot tip: Be sure to head down to St Katharine’s when the handball is on!

How are you going to celebrate Danish spirit in London?

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